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H-series 4 Cylinder, 3839 cc. 120 HP with inline Fuel Pump    
More Power and Pickup    
Superior Mileage    
More Payload


Easy to Drive – Power Steering    
Wider & Spacious cabin    
6 Way adjustable driver’s seat    
Quarter window for better air flow


Full air dual line S-Cam brake    
Safety Rod in front of Intercooler & Radiator     
 Improved electricals    
ELR Seat Belts


17ft Loading Span – Open Truck    
19ft Loading Span –  Open Truck

Technical Specifications

Engine ‘H’-series 4-cylinder 3839cc BS3 Inline Diesel with Turbocharger & Intercooler Power: 120 HP @ 2400 rpm | Torque: 415 Nm @ 1400 rpm
Clutch 330 mm diameter dry type-Hydraulic actuation
Gear Box ZF 6 forward speed synchromesh OD with FGR: 8.28:1
Rear Axle Fully floating 60SHO 6.17:1 RAR
Front Axle Forged ‘I’-section Reverse Eliot type steerable
Suspension Front: Shackle ended – Multi leaf springs Rear: Shackle ended – Multi leaf springs
Frame Dimensions All steel Ladder type with bolted construction 204x76x6
Steering Integral power steering
Brakes Service Brake: Full air-dual line S-cam brakes Parking Brake: Spring actuated, Pneumatic (on Rear only) Exhaust brake: Butterfly type pneumatically operated
Fuel Tank 212L Metallic
Electrical Battery: 1x 12V 100AH Alternator capacity: 65 Amps
Tyres 8.25X20 16PR
Max Speed 91.4 Km/hr. in top gear
Cabin Cargo Day Cab - Tiltable
Dimension Wheelbase: 3970mm Wheelbase: 4200mm
Body Length: 17ft Body Length: 19ft
Weight GVW: 9770 Kg GVW: 10700 Kg
Payload: 4800 Kg Payload: 4800 Kg
Kerb Weight: 4970 Kg Kerb Weight: 5800 Kg
Application Market Load |Agri-Perishable | Fish | Cement