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Thinking on his feet

Sometime around 12 noon on the 30th of March, a week into lockdown, KUN Capital, received a call from the Police Department, Madurai. One of the MiTR vehicles that was taking the police personnel for deployment had an issue. The call was made to them since the vehicle was invoiced by M/s KUN Capital, Chennai. Since this was the first complaint from this batch of vehicles, they called the dealership directly. KUN then got in touch with the Area Customer Sales Manager (ACSM) of Tamil Nadu, Mr. Boopathi who is based in Chennai.  

Since the vehicle was in Madurai, Boopathi immediately had a discussion with our Madurai Territory Customer Service Manager (TCSM), Mr. Veerapathraan. Since Madurai was under lockdown, it was not immediately possible to reach the spot where the vehicle was. Thinking on his feet, Veerapathraan called the police department and spoke to the driver.  The driver informed him that the vehicle would not start, and the MIL (malfunction indicator lamp) was glowing. He asked him to start the vehicle again, so he could hear how it cranked up. A long crank sound was heard, and the engine did not start. Hearing the engine crank, he took a chance that it would be an electrical issue. 

Despite the lockdown being in place and Section 144 implemented, Veerapathraan was able to mobilize a technician from our Madurai dealership M/s SNS Automobiles and requested them to send their Service At Site vehicle (SAS Van). He asked them to bring with them a scan tool, few relays, fuses and an electrician too. They were stopped on the way but when they informed the police officers that they were headed to repair a police vehicle, they could easily pass. Veerapathraan too decided to go to the spot to personally attend to the fault. The scanning device was connected, and it showed that it was a relay error. The scan device also showed them which relay was the issue. They quickly changed the relays and checked for any other faults.

 Veerapathraan’s thinking on his feet helped fasten the entire process and thanks to the entire team, the vehicle was made road ready by around 1530 Hrs. 

Aapki Jeet. Hamari Jeet. especially during lockdown is the spirit with which we carry out our work here at Ashok Leyland.

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