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Brotherhood at its best

At a time when panic was the state all across the country amidst the Corona Virus outbreak, when the news was full of worrying statistics, social distancing became the buzzword and suddenly lockdowns were the new norms, there was so many people stranded not knowing what to do. This included some of our employees who live alone - far from their homes and stuck at their base locations. For those, we found a bright light in the acts of kindness from our AL family members
Ninad Sayre, from our Parts team, was struggling since the 20th of March due to the unexpected market closer at Jaipur. He relied on outside food until then and with the markets closed, he was stuck. The closest market that was functional was about 15km from where he was put up. However, that too was out of bounds since there was no conveyance to get there.
For three days he was stuck inside the confines of him home with little or nothing to eat. The lockdown was announced on the 23rd and this further added to his woes. He panicked and the only thing on his mind was to get back to his hometown – Nagpur.
He reached out to ALTD and booked his tickets for the 23rd since the airlines too were shutting down their operations. He packed quickly and tried to get a cab to reach the airport. By now, the cab service providers too had scaled down their operations and cabs were few and scarce. He tried asking his landlord to help him, but no one wanted to risk going out, out of fear of contracting the virus. Panic set in as thoughts of him missing his flight loomed large and without food he was totally stuck.
All of a sudden, it struck him that he could share his situation on his official WhatsApp group.
Pawan Yadav picked up the message and decided to step up and help Ninad. He called Ninad immediately and quickly took stock of the situation. He took some food, masks, and sanitizer along with him for Ninad and had to travel a distance of 15kms on his Scooty to reach Ninad’s residence.
Ninad was overwhelmed by Pawan’s gesture of carrying food and supplies. He hadn’t eaten a proper meal in three days. The next journey was to get to the airport that was 10kms away. The local police stopped them three time to clarify why they were out from their homes, but Pawan handle them with great presence of mind. He looked at Ninad as a younger brother ensured that he reached the airport on time and safely.
Pawan travelled 45-50km to help his colleague in this tough situation where nobody was allowed to come out from their home ,where nobody was willing to come forward to help another because of pandemic situation. Pawan braved all odds and showed his large heartedness. 
Pawan truly has shown that kindness and empathy still exist and is a shining example of both! 

Pawan Yadav is part of our ALSE AO-Jodhpur.
#staysafe #stayhealth               
Aapki Jeet. Hamari Jeet.


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