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20 Questions to AL Leaders

As a part of our #Inside AL series, we will feature one of our Leaders every fortnight and here is the first series with our MD Mr. Vipin Sondhi.

1. Your Passion
Extreme Pride in “Make in India”

2. Your Thumb rule in life
Stay clear from the three dark ‘C’s of organizational working - Complaining, Criticizing and Condemning. Instead focus on the 'issues' through the 3 positive 'C's. Find solutions through Cross Functional Teams (Co-create), Communicate and Celebrate.

3. Your Life changing moment
Being selected by IIM Ahmedabad despite excusing myself from the admission interview after 45 minutes. This was because of a continual barrage of questions on a matter of ethics, where I felt they wanted me to lower my guard. I later learnt that this was a deliberate 'stress' interview.

4. Your family
My family is closely-knit with the four of us - Mother, Wife Shaila and Daughter Tara. 

5. Your friends
I stay closely connected with my college friends. They are friends for life.

6. Your favorite Quote
My school motto - "Never Give In". 

7. Your Hobby
I learn to play the violin….it is an endless journey.

8. Task Master or People’s Leader
Definitely a people’s person

9.Love or Money
Love of course!

10. Career or Family
Both, Career and Family. 

11. A gift you cherish
Being gifted a violin by a leading violinist who then played for the Vienna philharmonic.

12. Beach vacation or Adventure trip
An Adventure trip any day. 

13. Street food or a 5-star meal
Street Food. I recall eating samosas from a street cart outside the Ministry of Road Transport a few months ago; amongst the best samosas I have ever had.

14. Your favourite order
Cold Coffee ... with ice- cream. 

15. Gully cricket or Soccer
Gully Cricket- I grew up on it

16. A sport you love to play
Golf. Have bought a new golf set recently and looking forward to playing in Chennai

17. Casual wear or a Suit
Anything comfortable works for me. Now I take pride in wearing the AL uniform to office every day.

18. Instagram or Facebook
Tara introduced me to FB and now my colleagues at AL have brought me into Insta and I’m enjoying it.

19. Apple IOS or Android
Apple IOS

20. 3 words to describe your leadership mantra?
Collaborative. Empathetic. Decisive.


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